Are you interested in purchasing a new vacuum?  Finding one that fits your needs can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available it’s tough to sort through the riff-raff to find something that just works.  At We Do Dirty Work our team has tested each and every vacuum based upon a comprehensive set of factors to help you make educated consumer choices.

We uncover features and uses that we liked and even more important what we didn’t like. Because there is more than one person testing out your next vacuum you get several opinions from different people. Each of them with their own challenges in housekeeping.

Our Rating System

We built our own rating system that we call the Dust Bunny Score. Whimsical I know, but it was something we all could relate to. We rate each vacuum in several categories.

CarpetHard SurfaceFurniturePet HairSuctionManeuverabilityAccessoriesOverall Score
When it comes to vacuuming, the ability to effectively clean carpet is perhaps the more important facet of any vacuum. We rate each product’s ability to clean even the most soiled carpet.
Versatility is key. Hardwood, and tile floors vacuuming isn’t always supported by vacuums with rolling brushes. We look at whether or not a vacuum can clean a hard surfaces and how well it does so in relation to it’s carpet cleaning abilities.
Let’s face it, we’ve all got a few potato chip crumbs stuck in our couch that we wish we could clean out. This rating is dependent upon how well the vacuum cleans furniture and upholstery.
We all love our pets, but cats and dogs can leave a mess of hair all over your house. Pet hair vacuums are in high demand, we’ll break it down to let you know if your next purchase can help pick up after Fluffy.
“This totally sucks” is probably the best compliment you could give to your new vacuum.  Sure it might come with a host of fancy accessories, but just how much does it suck?
Nobody wants an old clunker.  If it can’t reach in tight spaces, and around corners how can you possibly clean your home effectively?
The bells and whistles.  This includes attachments, and optional features that make your life just a little bit easier
All things considered, just how many dust bunnies are we gonna give this thing?
dust-bunnies colorThe highest score possible is 5 Dust Bunnies. To get a category perfect score of 5 dust bunnies the vacuum needs to have performed flawlessly. Even with these scoring systems there are still a few things for you to consider. Not the least of witch is the cost. Because expensive is a relative term we will not give a vacuum a score based on price. Only you can decide what is cost appropriate for you.

Some of us, when we started this vacuum cleaner review site, had been using the same brands for years. But we know we could never judge each vacuum fairly if we didn’t set that aside and be open minded to new technology and change. We would ask you to do the same as you shop for the right vacuum for your home.

In the next 30 minutes you can learn everything you need to know about buying the best vacuum cleaner for your needs. We have broken down the following chart for your quick reference or you can read each review and decide for yourself.

Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Chart

Product Name:Features:Type:Rating:

Shark Rotator Pro Vacuum XL

A super awesome vacuum. As a matter of fact one of the best on the market that you should definitely buy. Here's why!Canister

Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum

Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum

Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC39 Animal Vacuum

DC39 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum

Miele S2121 Capri Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Buying the best vacuum cleaner depends largely on your situation. It is a good idea to consider all the details before you make that decisions. Most vacuums will last 5 to 10 years. Choosing the right vacuum deserves some research and deliberation.

Besides carpet what else will you use the vacuum for? Do you have a pet hair problem? Is weight and issue for carrying up stairs?

The add-on tools, bags and other features and uses will just be a bonus and what really matters is if the vacuum works in accordance to your own likes and preference.

As for deciding on a brand, you can see that there are several articles on each that you will be able to reference here. For now let’s talk type.
As you begin to sort through the maze of what vacuum is best for you, you will need to decide if you want a canister or upright. If you are looking for a handheld we will cover those as well. For now let’s focus on a total house cleaner vacuum.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Are you not concerned of storage features? Do you want the vacuum cleaner that works both in carpeted and hard floors? If yes, then you and a canister vacuum cleaner will surely have a great time together. Canister vacuum cleaners are powerful so it can suck any dirt or debris off your floors and it works great even with upholstery and other surfaces. If you have stairs at home and cleaning them with a canister vacuum is much easier than with an upright. The best canister vacuum cleaners are easier to maneuver as well and because of that, they are usually bigger and features longer stick which makes them able to reach curtains or spider webs too. I even have a ceiling fan attachment for mine. Though the canister it’s self can be a bit heavy the wand and hose are not. Even the best canister vacuums are not always the best pet hair vacuum cleaners. The best ones can still struggle with picking up pet hair. Keep that in mind. If you must have a canister vacuum and you have a dog or cat you will need to spend a bit more to get the same cleaning power as even a cheaper upright. Most canister vacuums come with turbine brush attachments. Not all of them will work equally as well as other performance brands.
Storage is also a pain with canister vacuums. The hose is clumsy and takes up a lot of floor space. If you don’t have a problem with any of that, a canister vacuum is for you.

Upright Vacuum cleaners

For the money you will get a lot out of a upright vacuum cleaner. Even the lesser powerful models can offer adequate cleaning power. Between the electric turbine brush and the suction they will pick up what some canisters might leave behind. This goes double for cat and dog hair problems. If you need the best vacuum for pet hair you will want to take a good long look at the upright style. There have been some amazing advances as you will soon see in the upright style. That being said, most are still bulky and heavy; but they can surely live up to your expectations when it comes to performance. They have a wider cleaning path and are so easy to store. So, if you don’t particularly care about using traditional design then you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with this type! To make the right decision on the best upright vacuum cleaner, you will want to read at least 4 reviews on the top 4 models. This will clarify any misnomers more than just charts and graphs.

Bag or Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Once you have decided between canister and upright the next thing to look at is bag or bagless. A huge benefit for most of us is never needing to worry about bag replacement and constant supply of powerful suction power when it gets full. However if allergies and air quality is at the top of your list you will want to consider the bag style vacuum. Yes, all bagless vacuum cleaners come with some type of air filter. But remember, you will still need to empty the catch can thus exposing you to the same dust and particulates you were trying to avoid. If this doesn’t bother you the bagless type with a good air filter will work excellent for you.
Vacuum bags can be expensive and not every store carries the ones you need. If you do buy a bag style, it’s a good idea to stock up on spare bags. Bagless vacuum filters will require intermittent change too. Most of us will be able to go for nearly a year on the same filter.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Due to the power of technology, everything now is made smaller and more compact. These handheld cleaners are one of the examples. They are lightweight and so remarkably portable that you can bring them whenever and wherever you need them. Some you need not plug in except to charge. If you want a vacuum cleaner that you can literally bring in your backpack while experiencing huge suction power that can clean many essential surfaces at home and even in your car, then, the best handheld vacuums must be on your list. But a piece of advice, don’t expect too much from them since their power is not as strong as those larger models possess. Most of us have a main vacuum. These little guys are great as a back up for quick spill clean up. Crumbs on your couch or spider webs on your wall are no match for some handhelds.
5 years ago I didn’t even know a battery could run vacuum. Today I keep one in my upstairs and one in my downstairs. If you have small children this is a tool that will help keep you from loosing it over every spill.

Have you found that one vacuum cleaner style  that works best on you? Hope some of these tips will help you decide. If nothing impresses you then don’t forget that there’s still the robotic kind of vacuum cleaners that you don’t have to do anything, literally. Just turn it on and they’ll do the job on its own. Impossible? Not at all. With the robotic vacuums, it’s possible.

Tami's Vacum Review

Tami Browne

Tami is married and has 2 small children. Both she and her husband work full time. Her husband works from home so they rarely use any daycare. This means there is always cleaning to be done each day. From crumbs to big spills, her children can give a vacuum a good work out.

Tami also has a 135 lb Saint Bernard that does a good job of protecting the family. However, to spite all the snake oil solutions she has tried he sheds a lot. Tami says “Every time I empty the vacuum canister or change the bag on the vacuum there is enough hair in there to make another dog.” So her biggest challenge has been finding the best pet hair vacuum.

Her home has approximately 1000 square feet of tile floor and 2500 square feet of carpet. For this reason she will give a multi-surface vacuum cleaner a run for it’s money. If you want to impress her, give her a vacuum that she can go from kitchen to living room without stopping to adjust for the surface change.

Tami typically vacuums her home 3 times a week. This is enough for here to keep up the children and the pet hair.

You will also find that she is a huge proponent of the handheld vacuums. Tami says “These are good for a lot of easy and quick spill cleanups. They work well for furniture too. I bought my first hand held in 2011 and was skeptical about how often I would use it. Now, Seldom does a day go by that I don’t use it at least once.”

Emma's Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Emma Schrader

Emma is a little bit retentive about the cleanliness of her house by her own admission. With that in mind when she test out a cleaning product or vacuum you know it is being tested to the fullest. There are two types of vacuums those that work perfectly and those that do not” says Emma. There is no in between really

“I am not especially budget minded when it comes to cleaning my home. I want the best and I will not settle. This makes my vacuum reviews more harsh but still fair,” Says Emma.

The best vacuum for Emma is one that is light weight and cleans hard surfaces as well as carpet. Adjustments do not bother her as long as it includes good instructions. Attachment that ride on the machine will also get bonus points with Emma. Having the vacuum attachment with her speeds up the process.

Emma also prefers to have a handheld vacuum handy and ready for those small spills for immediate cleanup. The new battery operated handheld vacuum models have come a long way in the last 4 years. The first few we tried didn’t pick up that well or last that long. Now there are a few on the market that really do a great job and have a long enough battery life to foot the bill.

Wilma Allen writes vacuum cleaner reviews with a specific emphasis on how it effects allergies

Wilma Allen

Wilma and her husband are empty nester except for her golden retrievers. She also has 8 grandchildren that she loves to spend time with. In the summer she always has a house full of children. The holidays can also lead to a house full too.

The dogs are pretty good at bringing in dirt and dust. Add that to the pet dander and her allergies can flair up in a hurry.

With her and her husband having tough allergy problems there are times when she can not even complete a vacuum test drive because the air filter does not work well enough. When she runs the vacuum it is easy to cause a runny nose or puffy eyes with the wrong one. So for her the best vacuum cleaner is one that picks up on multiple surfaces but has a filter or a bag that keeps the pollen and dust to a minimum.

Wilma says “If I’m sneezing and coughing after a test drive then that is just not the vacuum for me.”

Ardie Nelson Uses each vacuum in her home and at her customer's homes. She writes a review of each vacuum based on her findings.

Ardie Nelson

Ardie also cleans house for others. She has a few families that she works for each week and a few more that call upon her once in a while. This allows her to try out the vacuum more in just a few short days. Ardie would say “If you want to impress me give me a vacuum that cleans all surfaces in just one pass and is light enough to carry up stairs with out wearing me out.” Ardie is a proud dog owner. She has 3 medium sized dogs that she rescued. They are short hair but still shed a bit.

Her home is in an area that will see a lot of high winds. For that reason there is almost always dust to be dealt with. She recently remodeled her house and this helped to cut back on the volume of dust but it will always be a problem.

Ardie’s husband is the type that refuses to remove his shoes to walk in his own home. He is also been know to get lost in his wood shop for hours on the weekend. So if he is home there is always a mess that needs to be vacuumed.