Black & Decker CHV1410L 14.4-Volt Lithium Ion Dust Buster Review


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Emma Schrader

Emma used this vacuum in her home. She put the vacuum through it's paces and wrote the following for your review.

Whenever I feel like cleaning my apartment, I’m already exhausted with work and running all other errands I have for the day. It felt like I have previously lost my arms and my limbs are not in the mood to move. I haven’t even starting my cleaning but muscle pains are already building but these couldn’t stop me from keeping my crib as tidy as possible. I can’t sleep more if I can breathe in dust in my room and it’s a worse feeling than my body pains. Thanks to Black & Decker CHV1410L 14.4-Volt Lithium Ion Dust Buster, I can still get up and launder my space without the need for additional human power. I can relax while cleaning, is it possible? Well, with my Black & Decker CHV1410L vacuum cleaner, it is!

Tiny Unit, Big Savings on a great vacuum cleaner


The Black & Decker CHV1410L vacuum cleaner is handheld so it’s lightweight and it’s more compact than the traditional bulky and huge vacuum cleaners. I can just get it and carry it anywhere. I can clean every surface I prefer to and it comes with no power cord as well. Being cordless, I care no more about where to plug it and my cleaning space is extra all-encompassing. Maybe you’re thinking that I couldn’t finish most of my cleaning tasks because the battery life of most handheld vacuum cleaners is hampered. But the Black & Decker CHV1410L vacuum cleaner is different. Charging time is 5 times faster compared to others so you can save from your monthly bills and with that being said, when fully charged, it works incredibly well for a good uses 50% in the battery consumption. I can charge it while I’m having my dinner or relaxing then when I’m about to start cleaning, it’s likewise ready. No time being wasted.

Check price and availablility of this vacuum cleaner

Check price and availablility of this vacuum cleaner

Exceptional Additional

Some handheld vacuum cleaners are fixed. On the other hand, the Black & Decker CHV1410L comes with more additional tools that can help you clean every surface you can imagine. If you get dirt problems with your upholstery, seat covers, curtains, under the furniture and stairs ;then the special brush,slim rotating nozzle and the hose attachments will be of perfect use.

Some are disappointed with the small cup that comes with it. They say that it easily gets filled up but as for me, I don’t have any problem with it. The canister cup is easy to remove and clean. Just empty it, wash and dry. No-hassle actually so even if it gets full frequently, it’s still no biggie for me. Plus the fact, that it is transparent so you can easily see whether it’s full or not. No more traditional trial and error.

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