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Tami's Vacum Review

Tami Browne

Tami has tested this Vacuum in her home. This is her review for this model .

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If you have carpeted or bare floors, a vacuum cleaner that you can trust is a must-buy. It will help you make the cleaning done in a snap, plus it’s hassle-free. However, finding the best vacuum cleaner is a challenge. Though you’re lucky enough because the search is off and I will share to you the best cleaner I have used so far. Presenting is the Dirt Devil Versa Power Stick SD20000.


Here are the top reasons why I fell in love with this amazing machine:


  • Features 15 times more powerful suction power
  • Includes an 11-inch floor nozzle
  •  Bagless
  • Amazingly lightweight at 6 pounds
  • Comes with an approximately 20 feet extra long power cord


The Dirt Devil Versa Power Stick SD20000 seems tiny to the eyes but don’t underestimate it’s capacity to suck all those dirt and debris all around your house. It can suck even up to the last dust particle and compared to other brands, it is way 15 times better.

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Promotes Convenience in Cleaning with a bag less vacuum cleaner


With my old vacuum cleaner, I have to move the entire room’s furniture in order to clean the floor. Nevertheless, with the 11 inch floor nozzle included, I can easily clean everything without breaking my back. The stick is easy to maneuver that I can even clean under furniture, stairs and even hard-to-reach areas at home. Not only that since it is almost weightless measuring only six pounds and 8x11x38 inches long. I was able to bring it with me whenever I feel cleaning the entire house. There was this one time that I was able to use it inside my car. I was able to vacuum away even the pet hair without the need to buy another car vacuum. It’s small and handy but is very dynamic. Not mentioning the extra long power cord that helps me a lot whenever I want to use my Dirt Devil Versa and there are no sockets available near the area. Indeed, this is a total ‘all-in-one’ cleaner.


One thing I noticed while I’m using is the noise it produced. It’s not that quiet but because it’s powerful, you can finish cleaning in just a matter of minutes. So dealing with the swooshing noise for that small period of time is just fine with me. I still have no regrets buying this amazing home cleaning machine.


No more to ask for in an affordable vacuum cleaner!


If you don’t like the mess of changing the bags of your vacuum cleaners then let me say that Dirt Devil Versa is the perfect unit for you. It’s bagless so you don’t have to replace any and with the transparent cup, it is easy to determine whenever you need to clean it or not yet. Emptying the cup is just one-click so what more to ask? Check out prices


I have no other demands on this machine and with the price I paid, I know that I got so much more. Since day 1, I already knew that this is the only vacuum cleaner I need in my life.