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Emma used this vacuum in her home. She put the vacuum through it's paces and wrote the following for your review.

When searching for a new vacuum we tend to lean towards the Dyson brand, as it is known for its innovative and ingenious design. The DC41 Animal Complete model will cost you between $450.00 to $650.00. The Dyson DC41 cleans like you would expect a $600 vacuum to, with its innovative tangle-free turbines and many quality brush attachments, it’s an easy multi surface cleaning machine.

Dyson DC 41 Animal Complete

Dyson DC 41 Animal Complete

I have a large ST Bernard dog that sheds a lot. Her fur is always everywhere. When I run the vacuum and empty the canister there is enough fur in there to make another dog.

The vacuum includes:
1.Radial Root Cyclone technology; which improves airflow, removing dirt, dust and allergens.
2. Reconfigured brush bar
3. Ball Technology ( this is the bomb and makes handling much easier, My back loves this feature)
4. Tangle-free Turbine tool
5. Soft dusting brush
6. Multi-angle brush
7. Stiff bristle brush
8. Zorb carpet maintenance powder
9. Dyson tool bag (This is a new feature this year. Not sure it is necessary but it does keep all the parts together)



The Bad comments about Dyson DC 41 Animal Complete pet vacuumCheck price and availablility of this vacuum2

1. The DC41 Animal Complete is hard to lower out of its upright position. With no help of a latch to place your foot on or a button, you simply have to yank it. This can make it frustrating to start. You will need to try it yourself.
2. The vacuum cord is much too short to get the job done in multiple rooms without having to unplug and plug it in again. Not to mention the cord is stiff and gets tangled quickly making it’s almost impossible to work with. I’ve used vacuums with longer and shorter cords. If you have a big house this will be a problem unless you use an extension cord.
3. The back wheels can cause problems when it comes to putting the vacuum away, as they act as a kick stand. When you put the vacuum into its upright position, the back wheels are supposed to come down. You should hear two clicks not one, or your vacuum will take a damaging tumble.
4. Dirt and hair build up can cause the belt to wear down and break.
5. The hose is stiff and difficult to use.
6. The plastic used in the vacuum is brittle and is prone to cracks.
7. It’s expensive for the average household. Almost 3 times as expensive as other brands of vacuums.

The Dyson DC41 Animal Complete does a great job of cleaning up the pet hair off of floors just as well as other top brand vacuums. (I would rate the DC41 Vacuum a 4 out of five stars.) With a rating of 4 out of 5, this vacuum is great for a home with animals, as it vacuums pet hair and dander with such efficiency, you wouldn’t know it was ever there. If the price was a bit lower I could rate it even higher. Check price and availability


The Good elements of the Dyson DC 41 Animal Complete vacuum cleaner


1. It adjusts automatically to different carpet lengths, so there is no need to stop and switch brushes or put on attachments. This makes it great for transitioning from tile to carpeting.
2. The vacuum at 17.35lbs is moderately lightweight making it easy to move from room to room or up the stairs.
3. The Dyson DC41 Animal Complete is equip with the Dyson ball technology, causing it turn on a dime, making getting to every spot simple. You can even get under low tables and cabinets with ease.
4. It works well on carpet, tile, and hard wood floors.

Unfortunately the Dyson quality is seriously lacking in this particular model with its poor design and some serious flaws. All in all you don’t need to spend $650 for a vacuum that cleans at this level with such a disappointing design. You’re realistically paying for the name Dyson and not for quality.