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Tami's Vacum Review

Tami Browne

Tami has tested this Vacuum in her home. This is her review for this model .

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I am Tami, a mother and a government employee at the same time. I am always busy and I mostly got no time to finish everything in a day. I have to take care of my kids then go to work after that so sometimes, most often than not, I rarely get a chance to clean our home. That’s actually my biggest dilemma. And as a mother, I should take care of it and no matter how busy I am, I must maintain my home fresh and clean all the time. That’s when I started using my Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Bagged Canister and I’ve never been this happy.

Check price and availablility of this vacuum cleaner

Check price and availablility of this vacuum cleaner


How to Lighten your Load?

The Hoover Platinum Vacuum Cleaner is so light weight that I alone can move it from one room to another. I can freely clean the entire house right after my husband has gone to the office and my kids to school. With just a weight of eleven pounds, I don’t need any help with my Platinum and I’ve never been this independent when it comes to Home cleaning.


No more Re-Runs!

Before, I thought that great power comes in massive machines but I was wrong! The Platinum is lightweight but the suction power is never stirred by it’s weight.  It features a 12 amp motor that delivers very powerful suction force that traps the dirt and debris faster than my other vacuums could. It works in a WindTunnel Technology as well that ensures every piece of dirt will be lifted and not scattered on the floors. It helped me clean the entire room with just one vacuum run and I don’t have to repeat vacuuming the same area. I can choose from two speed settings too so I can work as fast as I want to. What a time saving vacuum cleaner I’ve found and it’s so perfect for busy moms like me.


Got no time to Clean?

If before, it took me a lot of times to plug in then plug out my cleaner then with the Hoover Platinum, I just have to do it once. I can plug it anywhere at home then with the 25 cord included, no more changing of sockets anymore. I can continue cleaning from room to room without any interruptions at all. Amazed much? Well, my Platinum comes with light indicator as well that will warn you when you need to replace the bag. Yes, this is another time-saving feature since you don’t have to interlude just to check the bags or worst mess yourself by opening the canister. Just wait for the indicator to light up, that easy!


And before I forgot, we busy mothers need not to be sick right that’s why we should use a vacuum cleaner that uses HEPA filters to ensure that no airborne allergens will escape and will cause us getting ill. Luckily, this Hoover Platinum has so no need to worry! Check price


If you are a busy mother who can’t even get a chance to spend longer time in maintain your home fresh and clean then this is the time that you switch to the Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Bagged Canister. It will help you juggle all your motherly tasks without breaking your back and without immolating any.