Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum Review


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Wilma uses each vacum in her own home and writes her reviews based on how it performed.

Wilma Allen

Wilma used this vacuum in her home. She has thoroughly tested it and submits the following review. 


Hoover_Tempo_WidePath_Bagged_Upright_U5140900 Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover_Tempo_WidePath_Bagged_Upright_U5140900 Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning must not be tiring that’s why vacuum cleaners were invented. Instead of sweeping and dusting home floors and walls that will take you forever, this little machine can do the job in a snap. Nevertheless, not all the vacuum cleaners I’ve tried helped me do my cleaning tasks in a shorter period of time. Yeah, some are really powerful but their cover capacity never impresses me. Not until I have my own Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum Cleaner, it;s not just powerful but also of maximum coverage that I was able to do everything in a light speed.


Widepath for Widest Coverage for vacuum cleaners


Check price and availablility of this vacuum cleaner

Check price and availablility of this vacuum cleaner

Unlike with my experience with other vacuum cleaner, only the Hoover Tempo features a fifteen-inch cleaning path that is actually twice up to thrice the cleaning path of my old cleaner. I was really impressed since with just one run, I was able to clean almost the half of my living room. If before, it took me several runs before I can completely finish the entire room, with my Hoover Tempo, 2-3 runs are more than enough. It helps me save a lot of time from cleaning and it also lowered my electricity bill. Amazing it truly is!


Coverage-wise, the Hoover Tempo Widepath is true to it’r name since it includes more features that will give you the widest cleaning coverage you have never experienced before. It features an incredibly 25-foot long power cord so you don’t have to worry whether there’s a plug or none in the area. It’s also lightweight at seventeen pounds so you can just bring it anywhere you want around the house.


Safe for Everyone


Even if Tempo Widepath cleaner works like a monster in an ample time, it is safe for everybody. It has an anti-allergen filtration system that ensures almost every single dust particle will be trap. No need to worry if you’re allergic to dust or polens and no need to fret if you clean your home while the kids are present.It actually provides a better quality of air inside your home.  It’s truly a gift from heaven for everybody! If you are looking for a great clean air vacuum cleaner this one is for you.


Wait, there’s more! If wide coverage, safe to use and powerful motor is enough for you then wait until you hear that this Hoover Tempo cleaner comes in five different settings to ensure maximum power in any surface, in any level. Plus, the package includes additional tools such as extension cords, crevice tool, dusting brush and more. Yes, by just buying a machine, you can actually own like a lifetime happiness. Click here to find out prices 


Change your life


If you’re like me who wants to make the most of your time for more important stuff rather than cleaning then the solution is to own a Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum cleaner. It performs really well on me and it changed my life so I know it will do the same on you.