Miele S6270 Onyx Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Emma used this vacuum in her home. She put the vacuum through it's paces and wrote the following for your review.

Miele S6270 Onyx Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S6270 Onyx Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, I always go  for those lightweight units. I like that they are powerful yet they are easy to use and you can bring them anywhere. Nevertheless, finding the trusted brand of light vacuum cleaners that will work better than those chunky units. That vacuum that will help you clean floors without the hassle and without too much effort. All the work will be done by the vacuum cleaner and not through your strength. This vacuum is no other than the Miele S6270 Onyx Vacuum Cleaner vacuum cleaner.

Small but Incredible        


Check price and availablility of this vacuum cleaner

Check price and availablility of this vacuum cleaner

I have used a lot of vacuum cleaners claiming that they are compact, lightweight, convertible and more ornate features. However, none of these cleaners satisfied my expectations. Not until I lay my hands on Miele S6270 Onyx Vacuum Cleaner  and it is truly one of the best vacuum cleaners in the whole galaxy. At first, I thought it will not work well since it only measures 17x9x8 inches and at one glance, it looks like a toy. I was actually dissatisfied but when I started running it, it’s 1200 watt motor transcend all my thoughts that time. It was really powerful that I was able to clean an almost 30 feet wide of my floor at home. I was really surprised and gratified at the same time. True that great gifts come in small packages, lucky me!

Powerful yet Discreet

One more thing I noticed with Miele S6270 Onyx Vacuum Cleaner vacuumcleaner is that even if it is equipped with major power, it runs smoothly. It has 135 CFM airflow speed enabling it to work without a single noise. This is so incredible that I can vacuum the floor even at late night and I don’t have to worry waking up the kids.

It fits Anywhere

Miele is really compact and compared to other cleaners, boy it is so small. One time, after using it, I tried to keep it inside the closet so the kid will not play with it but sadly, it was full so I thought of another place to hide it. I was surprised that it fits even under my bed. Amazing isn’t! You can put it anywhere without forfeiting quality of power.

Do you want another exciting feature of Miele S6270 Onyx Vacuum Cleaner vacuum cleaner? Well, if you’re like those who wants everything in an instant then this cleaner is really perfect for you. With Miele, just keep cleaning and you don’t have to think about the bag when it’s already full or not. It has a light indicator that will turn red when you need to clean the bag. This will help you save time checking it from time to time. Check price and availability

If you still have something left on your budget then buying Miele S6270 Onyx Vacuum Cleaner vacuum cleaner is the best way to spend that. Acquiring it includes 1 year warranty on parts and labor plus 7 years for the motor. With the warranty alone plus all those smashing features, your money will be spent into something extra ordinary.