Miele S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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The Miele S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a small lightweight vacuum made in Germany by the Miele company who is known for their high quality if somewhat expensive vacuum cleaners. Features of this vacuum includes:

  • Lightweight design weighing less than ten pounds
  • Air cleaner filter and Miele AirClean sealed system
  • Comes with dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice nozzle on a Vario clip
  • 33 foot cleaning radius
  • AllteQ combination floor tool which is idea for low pile carpeting, area rugs, and smooth hard flooring
  • Automatic cord rewind
Check price and availablility of this vacuum cleaner

Check price and availablility of this vacuum cleaner

The Miele S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum cleaner is great for smaller homes and apartments that need a small size vacuum due to limited storage space. While this canister vacuum cleaner may not be big on size it is big on function making clean up easy and simple everywhere in your home.

What The Reviews Say

Reviews for this Vacuum are extraordinarily good and receive extremely good ratings both on Amazon and on other sites scattered around the Internet. While a couple of users did not understand that this was a small vacuum and therefore may not be suitable for larger homes, and thus gave it somewhat lower ratings due to it’s size, most users were fully aware that this was an extremely small and lightweight vacuum cleaner which met their needs admirably and that is reflected in their reviews. Benefits users found when using this vacuum include:

  • Extremely Mobile- Due to the small size and extremely lightweight of this canister users found that this vacuum is extremely mobile as it can easily be carried up stairs as well as be used on low pile carpeting, area rugs, and smooth flooring. One user was disappointed that this vacuum does not work on shag or high pile carpeting, but one cannot realistically expect a vac of this size to do a good job with those higher pile carpets.
  • Picks Up Well- Despite its small size users state that this vacuum picks up well, lifting all kinds of dirt and debris from their floors leaving them looking and feeling clean.
  • Quiet- As with other Miele vacuums users find this canister vac to be extremely quiet making it a pleasure to use.
  • Tools Work Well- Users find all the tools that come with this vacuum to function well and allows them to clean their windowsills, curtains, and those cobwebs out of the those hard to reach corners.


While the Miele S6270 may not be suitable for extremely large homes, it is ideal for those smaller homes where space is a premium. It picks up just about every type and dirt and debris in it’s path and can do so quietly and effortlessly. Having owned a Miele vacuum for years I would not hesitate to purchase this vacuum should my old one suddenly die. Check price