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Tami's Vacum Review

Tami Browne

Tami has tested this Vacuum in her home. This is her review for this model .

Tami has scored this unit based on her experience.

Eureka Easy clean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Easy clean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Small yet powerful. With this unbeatable combination of features, who would say no to Eureka Easy clean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. It works exceptionally well without giving you a fuss because it’s so tiny that bringing it anywhere with you is not even an issue. That is how it captured the hearts of many consumers like me.
Exceptional Cleaning without the Pains
I am living alone in a small two-story town-home so cleaning is a bit of a hassle for me. Before I owned my Easy Clean, cleaning was really a challenge. That was why I looked for a vacuum cleaner that will fit my budget and my preferences including the hard-to-reach spots of my home and it’s little space. Glad I found it perfectly with the Eureka Easy Clean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.
It is so small that it only weighs five pounds so even when I’m alone, using my vacuum anywhere at home is not a problem. I don’t need someone to help me carry it before I break my back. And even though it’s small, the suction power is never suppressed and with an almost 5.5 amps it actually does bigger than expected. Eureka easy clean is true to it’s name that you can easily clean literally anything from floors, to under your furniture, tight corners, wall edges, stairs and even cars. Believe me when I say, I fell in love with a handheld machine. It features two motors as well. One is for the revolving brush and the other one to supply far-fetched suction power. Yes, this tiny machine has not only one but two motors to ensure that it cleans up to that single strand of hair and dust particle.
Will Surely Make Everyone Falls In Love
What made more smitten is that it comes with a clear canister bin where I was able to easily tell whether it’s full or not yet. I can even empty it without fuss since I can do this with just a push of a button. I’m amazed myself! It ha s additional tools a well and the twenty foot cord seems so useful for my outdoor cleaning tasks.
I have a very high standards when it comes to vacuum cleaners, I need the one that will make my cleaning tasks lighter and the one that will perfectly fit my little home. I was glad I settled with Eureka Easy Clean Handheld Vacuum. It really made not just cleaning but my whole life a child’s play.