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Ardie Nelson Uses each vacuum in her home and at her customer's homes. She writes a review of each vacuum based on her findings.

Ardie Nelson

Ardie has used this vacuum both in her home and at other homes that she cleans for her customers. This review is based on a professional housekeepers opinion. These are her findings.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro

I am a pet lover, and due to the amount of pet hair that my beloved animals deposit on my carpet, I have owned quite a few different vacuums.  The reason for this is that the dog and cat hair gets clogged in the vacuums and causes all sorts of problems.  The most irritating one is that you have to figure out where the clog is and then try to get it unclogged.  I have wasted hours trying to get my vacuums unclogged.  I bought the Shark Lift Away Pro and I must say while no vacuum is clog proof, it took quite awhile for it to clog up, and when it did it was so easy to remove the clog.  There are numerous areas that you can open up the hoses, and other areas that get clogged, and usually without having to find a screw driver.  I had the clog removed in under two minutes,  and the only reason it took me that long was due to the fact I had to figure out how to undo the hose. Check out prices


One of the other great features is that if there is a clog and you do not notice it the motor will not over heat and burn up, it has a safety switch that turns the motor off.  I have burned up a number of vacuums do to this problem.


 A top rated vacuum for removing pet hair


I also live in the desert, which means that I have to dust constantly.  This Shark Lift Away Pro Vacuum turns in to a lightweight canister that has the perfect attachments to dust even hard to reach fan blades.  My fan was high and I don’t like ladders, so I can tell you I very seldom dust the fan blades.  With the Shark Lift Away Pro I can vacuum them anytime I want with out getting a ladder, step stool or chair out.  I have even stopped dusting with the old swifter duster, as the Shark Lift Away Pro does such a great job.

Check price and availablility of this vacuum2

I want everyone to know about this great vacuum, and while it is not an inexpensive vacuum it is not as expensive as most of the big name vacuum cleaners either.  I would say it actually works better than my sisters Kirby that she paid over a thousand dollars for.


So if you are looking for a great vacuum that will do any job you want this is the one that I recommend.  Shark Lift Away Pro