A Simple Guide on How to Find The Best Handheld Vacuum


Handheld vacuum cleaners, these models are now the new trend when it comes to home cleaning. True that thru technology, appliances gone smaller and even more powerful. Like these vacuum cleaners, gone were the days when you need bulky and big units just to clean your home. Now, they are more compact and most often than not, you can also have them corded or cordless. Amazing, aren’t they? But how can you really come up with your ideal handheld vacuum cleaner? Is it enough that you need a smaller vacuum or you must consider some factors as well? Well, worry no more. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you choose the best handheld vacuum cleaner.

Why do you need a vacuum cleaner?




This is the very first question you should be able to answer in order to come up with your ideal vacuum cleaner. Please put it mind that with a handheld vacuum cleaner, the features are limited compared to those other conventional units. Nevertheless, if you want a smaller cleaning helper that you can easily maneuver then yes, handheld vacuum cleaner is your best choice.
Are you for a cordless or corded type?
Well, the different between these two types of handheld cleaners is very simple. The cordless type is good when cleaning smaller surfaces and because it does not come with aggravating cord, you can use it even inside your car to clean rugs and seat covers. While the corded is more powerful and you don’t need to care about the battery charge since it will surely last until you’re done with your entire cleaning tasks.
Size Matters
Size-wise, you can have two choices: the smaller and of course the bigger versions of handheld vacuum cleaners. The tiny units are of course more compact, lighter and you can carry it wherever you want effortlessly. Though, more features are commenced in the bigger models. You can have it with additional hose and other tools attachments for easier home cleaning especially with stairs, upholstery and more.
Shopping Spree – Where?
For the last thing to consider in buying a handheld vacuum cleaner and it works with any models you preferred as well – figure out if it’s better to buy at your local department store or online. If you are fine with fewer models and brands to choose from then procuring your own cleaner from the nearest store is the perfect plan for you. But, if you opt to choose from hundreds of different units, brands, types, designs, colors and features then online shopping can be your foolproof move. Plus, you can get a bonus of reading reviews and feedbacks from other customers that will enlighten you more of what unit to get and what to avoid.
These are just some tips and factors to consider when acquiring yourself a handheld vacuum cleaner. These are somehow essential especially for the first-timers and when you’re into this for a couple of times then keeping these in mind will not hurt even a bit. Be informed and you’ll be buttoned up.

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