The Sebo X5 Vacuum Review

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Ardie Nelson Uses each vacuum in her home and at her customer's homes. She writes a review of each vacuum based on her findings.

Ardie Nelson

Ardie has used this vacuum both in her home and at other homes that she cleans for her customers. This review is based on a professional housekeepers opinion. These are her findings.



How to recognize that the vacuum cleaner you’ve been eyeing is the best vacuum cleaner of today’s time? Does it have to be expensive? Or is being powerful enough? Does the cord it features matter too? Well, I searched for answers all around the internet and after browsing several reviews, brand claims and more, I came up with my idea of a best vacuum cleaner. After hours of thinking, I realized that in able for a cleaner to be called as the best among the rest, it should not just be powerful but also features unique essences compared to other brands and units. With that being told, I assumed that my own Sebo X5 Vacuum might be the best vacuum cleaner everyone is looking for.


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Knocked down other vacuum cleaner brands

Unlike with any other cleaners, the Sebo X5 is not just powerful but it is capable of automatically adjusting the settings on its own. It works so well as if a human brain was installed inside it. It adjusts depending on the kind of floors and debris you will be cleaning. It keeps adjusting as much as you it can suck up to the tiniest dust particle leaving floors spotless and totally clean. And with its suction power that can reach up to 8-foot, cleasning

The vacuum cleaner works while you watch…

It doesn’t stop there since if you’re like me who only knows how to clean but not how to deal with adjusting the settings, changing the bags, what to do with clogs and brush stock-ups then Sebo X5 is the perfect  pet hair vacuum cleaner for you. It comes with a warning system that will automatically inform you when something’s wrong with the machine. I had an experience with my old vacuum when it clogged and I don’t know what to do, I was scared that I even forgot to turn the vacuum off so the end of story, my vacuum overheated and it almost burns the house down. Well, instances like this will never happen again because my Sebo X5 turns off automatically once machine complications are being sensed. Warning signs light out as well when you need to change the bag, check the brush, check for clogs and more. Everything can be detected all you need is to hold it and it will take charge. What an amazing machine that I bet other brands haven’t thought of until now.  Check prices

Amazing numbers!

When numbers are concerned, you will be more amazed that Sebo X5 will really slam the other brands you know. If I was satisfied with the 20 inch long power cord of my old vacuum then I was totally smitten when I found out that Sebo X5 has 40 inches of power cord. Unbelievable! I was able to clean the entire home without caring where to plug it. With a size that’s too small for a machine, everything can be done so flawlessly. Thanks to my Sebo X5 Vacuum Cleaner!